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Kajetan Borowski (born in Tarnów, Poland on 11 January 1990) is a Polish pianist and composer. He graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice and now is its lecturer. From the beginning of his artistic career he has been the leader of his own trio. A co-creator of the following groups: Piotr Budniak Essential Group, Julia Kania Quartet, Sandwich On The Floor. A scholarship recipient of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, a laureate of jazz awards, such as Poznań Blue Note Competition, Tarnów Jazz Contest, Jazz, Juniors, RCK Pro Jazz. Last but not least, he was nominated for the Polish music industry award Fryderyk 2017 in Jazz Music category – Debut of the Year.

"Each time, I discover more, of just how brilliant this music is. The compositions are highly original and each performance has a unique quality, that leads me to believe, there is much more to come from this trio. It's music that's filled with a deep passion, courage, excitement and heartfelt creativity. I'm still listening. Absolutely refreshing!”

Bennie Maupin

For me it's the debut album of the year. Although, in fact, "Totem" doesn't look like a debut. The young musicians: pianist Kajetan Borowski, double bass player Jakub Dworak and drummer Grzegorz Masłowski have begun at the level that until recently would be hard to achieve even for many experienced bands”

Jarek Czaja / JazzPress

"Although some Polish musicians say that the form of a classic jazz piano trio has already been used up and it is impossible to be surprising anymore in this category - they are, fortunately, mistaken. "Totem" is definitely one of the best debuts of 2016. Wonderful compositions stun with their melodic lightness, and at the same time captivate the listener with subtly served details. And technically, we have instrumentalists who can compete with the leaders of European jazz without any insecurities"


Robert Ratajczak / LongPlay

"The whole album is Slavic, lyrical, and far from energizing expression. "Totem" is a mature album, one of the most mature debuts that I have heard in years." 


Rafał Garszczyński / RadioJAZZ.FM

"Overall this is an excellent debut effort, definitely worthy of praise and encouragement, and obviously promising great things in the future. Therefore it is highly recommended to all Polish Jazz followers and particularly to piano trio lovers."



Adam Baruch / polish-jazz blog

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